Fiverr Vs Upwork: Which is best for freelancing

In this post we’ll talking about Fiverr Vs Upwork, So read carefully

If you want to work as a freelancer and you guys find the best platforms to grow your own freelancing business

So I have found the Two Most powerful freelance Platforms for you. And We’re showing which one is better

I’m gonna tell you about both sites which you need to know for freelancing

let’s go about both sites and their benefits

What is fiverr and how you can use this for freelance

Fiverr company is started in 2010 and this founder is Micha Kaufman Fiverr launched by Israel

Fiverr is one such platform where clients could buy any service using a minimum of $5

Fiverr has over 3.42 million active buyers and Fiverr has more than 830000 sellers on this platform

And there are more than 500 categories for freelancing where you can buy your best

if you want to earn with your skill you can provide your best work with your client.

if you’re a seller you must know this

Fiverr has four different seller level lets go how does it work

  • New seller: New user started automatically here
  • Level 1: For this level you have completed at least 10 orders, and you have been active over than 60 days.
  • Level 2: For this level you have completed 50 Orders, earned more than $2000, and have been active over than 120 days.
  • Top-Rated Seller: You have completed 100 orders, earned Over than $20000, and you have been active for 180+ days.

What is Upwork and how you can use this for freelance

Upwork Started in 2015, Upwork is an American freelancing platform, Upwork Founder’s name is Odysseas Tsatalos.

there’re main features of upwork which you should know

  • Work Diary
  • Job Posting
  • Candidates Shortlist
  • Proposal Reviewing
  • Chat Scheduling
  • Feedback Sharing
  • Global Payments
  • Needs Analysis
  • Send & Receive Files
  • Profile Browsing
  • Mobile Access
  • Invoicing & Reporting

So now you decide for yourself which platform you want to work on.

My suggestion is you can start on both platform and try your luck

Note- Do hard work and regularity is most important

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