Fiverr gig image size

fiverr gig image size

In this post we are talking about Fiverr gig image size, most new users of Fiverr don’t know what is the perfect gig image size for Fiverr and they search on google what is Fiverr gig image size.

fiverr gig image size old

What is Fiverr gig image size

fiverr gig image size
  • 1280 x 769 px ix new fiverr gig size recommended  from fiverr
  • The Fiverr gig image size Dimensions of Fiverr gig image: ( 550 X 370 ) Pixels 550 width & 370 height
  • I always make FIVERR gig image 1600*1076 dimension.
  • 293 x 176 pixels
  • 707 x 410
  • 225 x 135 and 230 x 142

You can use all the above sizes for your Fiverr gig image, you can decrease or increase your size using this ratio.

Note- Your image size is not greater than 5 MB ( if in any cases your image is exceeded 5 MB ) you can compress your image for free.

Why image size is necessary for your gig

Yes of course this is a really very interesting question you can use any size of your gig image but remember all websites on the internet have their own ratio for images if you don’t follow them your image maybe not looked perfect and your text or any object used on the image may be cut or hide so when you create any image you need to leave some margin and use a perfect ratio for this site.

If you have the perfect ratio on your mind and create your gig there are many chances your gig looks so good and a higher chance to rank on Fiverr.

How to look you gig image

yes, it’s also necessary our gig how to look on the Fiverr website because if our gig does not look attractive nobody clicks on our gig and when nobody clicks on our gig Fiverr don’t show other people our gig and we can’t find any order.

so here is a screenshot of Fiverr gigs your gig also looks like that.

if you don’t know how to create an attractive Fiverr gig image you can hire me I am also a graphic designer contact us

Where we can find best png image for our gig

yes creating any gig you need some png images related to your gig you can also search them on google and there is a lot of png website I will update soon until you can check this

also you can download free png image from here

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