How to compress image without losing quality

Compress image size is very necessary if you are a blogger/website owner/content writer or computer operator because you can’t upload any large size image on any website it can break your website speed so, today in this post I’ll teach you how to compress images without losing quality.

If you upload an image on the internet, then that image has to be compassed, whether it is your website or someone else.

You must have seen that when you fill the form somewhere, you only get 20 Kb or some other size mentioned in it.

There are new web designers, who upload very heavy images, due to which the speed of the website becomes very slow.

Many tools have been made to reduce the size of the image on the internet, By using which you can reduce the size of your image, this will not cause any problem in your website speed.

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how to compress image

If you want to reduce the size of any JPG/JPEG image, then click on the choose file and choose the file.

When your image is chosen, after the selected file, the name of that file will appear as shown in this image.

Then click on compress image if you want very less size then you can increase or decrease the percentage.

As it is at 60% you can make it 90%.

After the image is compressed, you’ll see this and it’ll be written download in green color, if you click on it then the file will be downloaded.

You can see that in the above image, our image was 96.57 after compressing it become 37.78 now.

So in this way, you can reduce the size of any image.

I hope you must have learned by following the whole process how to compress images without losing quality so thank you very much for reading this post of ours.

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