What is CorelDraw Used For ?

Today we all use mobile phone regularly and do many type of work in the mobile phone with the help of applications.

just like our laptop and computer work with help of software and we can do many type of work with them.

Now let’s know about CorelDRAW, CorelDRAW is a software which help in designing.

So let’s Know What is CorelDraw

CorelDRAW is a designing software.

CorelDRAW is a Professional vector graphic design software for Windows

Let’s know in simple language what is CorelDRAW, It is a software and can help you in vector art, line art, photo editing, page layout, and typography, and you can also prepare your project with the help of Corel draw.

And you can also prepare your Logo Design, Banner Design, Visiting card Design, pamphlet to the CorelDRAW software.

and many more use of CorelDRAW is available in world wide industry, business and designing.

now you have to know system requirement of this software to run properly in your laptop and computer.

don’t worry it is a normal software and, I will tell you how to use the software without any problem.

but to use CorelDRAW software in your pc and laptop have minimum system requirement.

so I am going to tell you about system requirement of CorelDRAW.

Corel DRAW System Requirements

first of all to use Corel DRAW software yours system have more space and RAM and many requirement shown bellow.

OPERATING SYSTEM : Windows-7 SP1, Windows-8.1, Windows-10, Windows-11 in 32 bit or 64 bit

PROSESOR : intel core i3/5/7 or ADM Athlon 64

RAM : 2GB, 4GB, 8GB

HARD DISK : 1GB hard disk space + SSD card 256GB/480GB

Display Resolution:

1280×720 screen resolution t 100%[96dpi]

1920×1080 at 150%

2560×1440 at 200%

if you have graphic card then more better but it is not necessary.

NOTE: variable font is only support in Window 10

future use of artificial intelligence you have to use 64-bit.

Benefit’s of CorelDRAW

Corel DRAW software use is very easy, and a beginner can also use it easily

and not necessary a highs quality system to use the software.

Corel DRAW software mostly use in INDEA, PAKISTAN, and BANGLADESH.

And it is very easy to learn program of the software, and thousand video available on YouTube to learn Corel DRAW functions.

if you want to learn about Corel draw software with the help of video then go on coreldraw and trbahadurpur


not any big disadvantage, but Most agency adobe illustrators are in demand.


CorelDRAW history

you can download CDR file from this website to use in CorelDRAW software.

If don’t know what’s CDR I will write a post for that in detail.

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