Pacdora packaging 3D mockup.

You must have seen every product has a packet. packaging design is an important part of any product.

Because people first see the outer part only means what is seen is sold.

there is very expensive software for packaging design.

Like Auto Desk, Auto Cad, Blender, etc. and all these people are not able to do that and what they do, if you get them done, it will be very expensive.

So Pacdora has made this work easy, so let us, first of all, know what Pacdora is, it will be easy for you to understand.


What is pacdora ?

Pacdora is a free online packaging tool website. now the designer dose does not need to buy and install multiple software now all work will be done with one software and if you are a graphic designer or product owner then your work is very easy with pacdora. on this website, you can easily create a 3D model of any of your products, as well as create 3D animation.

3D models with pacdora

How to make a product model?

You can make the all-type product of 3D models on this website.

  • Flip top boxes
  • truck end boxes
  • Standing pouch
  • Cartoon
  • folding box
  • paper bag
  • Display box
  • paper cup bottle
  • polygonal box
  • tray box
  • Storage box
  • Triangle box
  • Envelope
  • Tag
  • lotion tube
  • Flexible packaging
  • Whiskey bottle
  • tube
tube mokup
packaging mockup
3D mockup with pacdora

you can also design your product package on this website and here you will find a template design you can download this template, and you can also design on your favorite software like adobe illustrator, CorelDraw, Adobe Indesign, or any other software.

we have made a video on this you can watch this video

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then by uploading that design on it. You can download its 3D model or you can also do 3D animation which will attract a lot of people.

As you can see in this video

If you are a designer then its cool animation will be liked by your customer immediately. if you are a product owner then you can take a 3D model and animation here and upload it on your E-Commerce website, also you can upload it on Amazon or other e-commerce online platforms. this can increase your sales by 10x.

then what is the delayed visit pacdora now and apply our coupon code “TR20” to avail of these benefits and increase the sale of your product.

pacdora promo code

Is Pacdora free to use?

yes ofcourse its free to use for everyone but you need a subscription

where you will use such expensive software or get it designed here and you can make a lot of 3D models for one month.

and you can also get 20%off by using our coupon code “TR20”

Who is the founder of Pacdora?

Xianfeng Wang, founder, and CEO of Pacdora,

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